About the 3 British spotted dogs

Adopted from the New York Pet Jail?
No, it’s a joke!
We have 3 wonderful Spotted English Setter, very sweet and adorable,
but SOMETIMES…Ehm…!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here they are ( in order of age ) :

– The 1ST : LAIKA.
The Q U E E N .
Why?! She ‘s respected like a boss.
She’ s adorable with her mother, but not at all with the others…Ahah!
She does all that… SHE… likes… FULLSTOP 😀


– The 2nd : SHILA.
The L A D Y .
Snob and insolent, but so sweet too.
She walks like she is on the “red carpet”, always!
She loves wearing bows on her ears and the last puppy clothing collection!
Sssssshhhh… don’t tell anyone: She loves “Weisse Beer”!!!


– Last but not least, only because he is a Gentleman, the 3rd : THIAGO.
The P R O F E S S O R .
He is a very clever and energetic dog. His “battery” never dies.
Spoiled and loved he knows how to obtain all that he wants.
But he is so cute and beautiful!
P.S. He has a real sculpted body and Shila finds him very sexy!


Believe in us… thanks to these 3 sweetheart devils, sometimes we think to live like in

a TV Series… “The Addam’s Family” !!!!:D 😀 !!!


How I style my oversized faux fur coat in camel,to stay warm and stylish even if the weather is so freaking cold outside!

Coat: Twenty Easy by Kaos

Jumper: H & M

Jeans: Levi’s 711 Skinny

Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith

Gloves: Bally

Bandana: Saint Laurent

Bag: Saint Laurent medium college

Nail Polish: Chanel velvet 542 Pink Rubber